My Moncler Jacket doesn’t fit anymore!

If you are worried that your Jacket is not fitting, it most probably because you put on some weight.

We are not the Moncler jackets e-commerce store themselves, nor are we affiliated to them in any way or the other.

On top of that, we do appreciate that you probably paid quite a bit of your hard earned cash on a Moncler jacket, especially if you are following Drake.

That is why in this post, we will not recommend you to up a size in your Moncler jacket, and buy a new one. We understand that we are talking about at least a grand, if not more.

Therefore, it is important that we step on your feet and do the most reasonable and simple fix thing, so that you can continue to enjoy your pricey, yet comfortable Moncler jacket, especially since you are reading this, that means you are most likely a dude, and you don’t have to change your closet 4 times a year.

The easiest and simplest way to keep using your Moncler jacket is to lose weight.

As simple as that. You need to focus on three things:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Using your Moncler jacket as your benchmark

You see many use a measuring tape to ensure they are on track, in this case your measuring tape will be your existing Moncler jacket.

This will be your cheaper option, as you don’t need to buy a measuring tape; or it could be the most expensive measuring tape you ever own. Depends how you want to look at it?

Because we are passionate about the modern lifestyle for dudes, and this includes owning a cool jacket, and feeling good about it, then we really recommend you start getting rid of those extra pounds of fat from winter.

If you can’t be bothered to think about your diet, at least find a way of controlling your food intake through a fat burning supplement, that will almost guarantee you can keep in track.

Again, remember we don’t promote anything, and that includes Moncler jackets. That is why we are not recommending you buy anyproduct yourself.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy living a hip and young and healthy lifestyle!