Why are all top products for men about hair?

Hey there my favorite Moncler loving people!

I am back again with a new post about something that’s been on my mind lately.

Since writing my last blog post about the “top 5 items any modern dude needs to possess!”, it got into my mind to obsess and actively look out for all the best products (in any context) that a modern must possess.

Since I am a very visual guy (hmmm funny since I keep writing articles), I decided to go on Youtube and actually search for:

“best products for men”
“top products for men”

I was so excited and I was truly expecting to see something similar to my old blog post. Something along the lines of here’s a random product like a wallet that can stand all-terrain, a flashlight that you can use anywhere from Antarctica to the Sahara deserts at night etc. A cool vandana that the chicks dig, and of course a cool manly jacket.

To my surprise guess what I found? Nothing but hair products….I was like “what???” I’m pretty sure I didn’t search for lady’s products, so why on earth is everything related to hair?

Are men really that obsessed with the way their hair looks like?

Most of my friends I know, I would guess that only 1 out of 10 is really investing in hair products and buying these extra special conditioner and hair care products. But that is really just the OCD odd guy that you would encounter anyway.

I wouldn’t have expected that the top 10 and more results were all about hair products.

I mean guys, seriously? Is that what all of you are really searching for the most. Out of that disappointment I decided to write this blog post as a way to rant a little bit and also for those of you out there reading this to have a think about that..

So now from this experience, this has led me to want to research and curate the top rated men’s products (not that doesn’t mean adult products). I know my previous blog post touches on that a little bit but that is not enough.

I want to create a whole blog post and perhaps youtube video (if I am brave enough) and make this happen.

I want to show all of you dudes out there what the hippest men are using, wearing, consuming, reading, watching and recommending!

Hope that will help all of you and keep an eye for that in the coming months 🙂