How to Look good with a Moncler Jacket

As you may know Moncler Jackets look awesome on anyone who wants to wear them.

With that in mind, being fit will definitely help you look even better not just naked but with a moncler jacket. Especially since there have been rumours now that Moncler is having a new line of Moncler Fit jackets you wanna make sure you stay fit and healthy so you look your most awesome in them.

Here are our top recommendations to ensure you do manage to control you weight, and get in the shape you’ve always wanted.

Eat a healthy diet

This does not mean you have to go on tuna and salad every meal, every day. You can still eat in a very flexible way ensuring that 80% of your meals are lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. The other 20% you can go ahead and give yourself occasional treats always ensuring that you are controlling portions.

1 treat does not mean a whole giant pizza. You can eat a fatty pizza with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, but the key here is to eat just 2-3 slices. Same with a dessert, a slice of cheesecake would suffice and not the whole cheesecake mind you!

If you feel like you want to take it more seriously and get muscular while losing fat then a muscle building supplement could be useful for this.


If you are fit and are already doing it great! If you don’t like exercising at all, then you need a mindset shift.

Exercise at first feels horrible. The first few days at the gym you will feel sore, in pain and not having enough stamina to go through your workouts.

Give it a few weeks, and you will see yourself not only improving but also enjoying it more and more to the point that you look forward to going to the gym.

The best recommendation is to combine weight training with medium to high intensity cardio for better results.


Now that you have been working out for a while, you need your regular rest. Try to fit in 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. This will not only help fuel your workouts, but will give you more energy to perform during the day and also you will feel fewer cravings for sugar and junk foods in general.

Now that you have our top 3 tips for getting fit and in shape you are in time to start implementing these and start looking great in your moncler jackets! You can even wear them shirtless and show off your muscles and all, it will be well worth it!

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My Moncler Jacket doesn’t fit anymore!

If you are worried that your Jacket is not fitting, it most probably because you put on some weight.

We are not the Moncler jackets e-commerce store themselves, nor are we affiliated to them in any way or the other.

On top of that, we do appreciate that you probably paid quite a bit of your hard earned cash on a Moncler jacket, especially if you are following Drake.

That is why in this post, we will not recommend you to up a size in your Moncler jacket, and buy a new one. We understand that we are talking about at least a grand, if not more.

Therefore, it is important that we step on your feet and do the most reasonable and simple fix thing, so that you can continue to enjoy your pricey, yet comfortable Moncler jacket, especially since you are reading this, that means you are most likely a dude, and you don’t have to change your closet 4 times a year.

The easiest and simplest way to keep using your Moncler jacket is to lose weight.

As simple as that. You need to focus on three things:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Using your Moncler jacket as your benchmark

You see many use a measuring tape to ensure they are on track, in this case your measuring tape will be your existing Moncler jacket.

This will be your cheaper option, as you don’t need to buy a measuring tape; or it could be the most expensive measuring tape you ever own. Depends how you want to look at it?

Because we are passionate about the modern lifestyle for dudes, and this includes owning a cool jacket, and feeling good about it, then we really recommend you start getting rid of those extra pounds of fat from winter.

If you can’t be bothered to think about your diet, at least find a way of controlling your food intake through a fat burning supplement, that will almost guarantee you can keep in track.

Again, remember we don’t promote anything, and that includes Moncler jackets. That is why we are not recommending you buy anyproduct yourself.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy living a hip and young and healthy lifestyle!

Drake’s Hotline Bling Moncler jacket for real?

Apparently Drake’s “Hotline Bling” featured Moncler jacket is selling like hot cakes after his appearance of wearing that cherry red Moncler jacket.

Boy, is this a call for more originality? or does it mean a Drake Middleton revolution?

You know the gist, Kate Middleton the new red bull. How so? Well, she gives wings to everything that she wears off the stores.

Now Drake, the man who started from the bottom, and now he is here wearing a Moncler red jacket.

What’s next? Anyone wanna guess, what Drake will be wearing next?

Some say, Moncler will sign him on to become the face of the brand, but then again, it’s not like this is the NBA where you can sign someone on, and yet his networth means he probably doesn’t care about the deal.

Janna from the “Get REAL” magazine tweeted: “Drake will probably do what’s best for his fans, and not for Moncler”, but then we all know that when the $$$ are down, a good deal is hard to decline.

Let’s wait and see what Drakey will come up with!

Stay tuned for more Moncler jacket and young men’s apparel information, including lifestyle, health, fitness and fun tips.

Why are all top products for men about hair?

Hey there my favorite Moncler loving people!

I am back again with a new post about something that’s been on my mind lately.

Since writing my last blog post about the “top 5 items any modern dude needs to possess!”, it got into my mind to obsess and actively look out for all the best products (in any context) that a modern must possess.

Since I am a very visual guy (hmmm funny since I keep writing articles), I decided to go on Youtube and actually search for:

“best products for men”
“top products for men”

I was so excited and I was truly expecting to see something similar to my old blog post. Something along the lines of here’s a random product like a wallet that can stand all-terrain, a flashlight that you can use anywhere from Antarctica to the Sahara deserts at night etc. A cool vandana that the chicks dig, and of course a cool manly jacket.

To my surprise guess what I found? Nothing but hair products….I was like “what???” I’m pretty sure I didn’t search for lady’s products, so why on earth is everything related to hair?

Are men really that obsessed with the way their hair looks like?

Most of my friends I know, I would guess that only 1 out of 10 is really investing in hair products and buying these extra special conditioner and hair care products. But that is really just the OCD odd guy that you would encounter anyway.

I wouldn’t have expected that the top 10 and more results were all about hair products.

I mean guys, seriously? Is that what all of you are really searching for the most. Out of that disappointment I decided to write this blog post as a way to rant a little bit and also for those of you out there reading this to have a think about that..

So now from this experience, this has led me to want to research and curate the top rated men’s products (not that doesn’t mean adult products). I know my previous blog post touches on that a little bit but that is not enough.

I want to create a whole blog post and perhaps youtube video (if I am brave enough) and make this happen.

I want to show all of you dudes out there what the hippest men are using, wearing, consuming, reading, watching and recommending!

Hope that will help all of you and keep an eye for that in the coming months 🙂

Top 5 items any modern dude needs to posses!

So it goes without saying that guys nowadays need to look more hip than ever. We are in 2015 now, and new trends such as: waxing chest hair, grooming a beard, or using face wash are not unheard of in the men’s fashion world.

Ask your grandad and those would definitely be “gay” trends in their time.

Glad that we have that out of the way.

Now, I understand that most dudes who are around their 20s or 30s won’t have lots of cash to spend on stuff.

So here I will share with you my Top 5 items that any modern dude MUST have!

  1. A cool watch

OK. So you cannot not have a watch with you. Seriously. What will you do when a chick approaches you asking for the time? Having said that, you don’t want to have a cheap or plastic crappy watch either.

Here you go. My top choice for a men’s watch the Hamilton Khaki watch:

Hamilton men's watch


2. A leather handbag

My second favorite is a leather handbag of course. It’s time to ditch that subpar rucksack of yours. Really, you don’t have to pay thousands for a decent and sleek looking leather bag. My favorite one is the Tuscany Leather Men’s messenger bag.

Tuscany leather men's bag


3. A gym membership

So having a lean and muscular body is definitely gonna be in the list. How do you get it? Unless you can running around your neighbourhood and create dumbbells from sandbags then I would recommend you getting a gym membership. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive $500 gym, but a cheap one could just do the job if you are on a tight budget. I can’t recommend any here as it will depend on where in the world you are 🙂

4.  A good supplement

This is a tricky one. When it comes to supplements most dudes will think Whey Protein at first. Now, I do think Whey protein works, but there are better things out there. I will recommend you one since you can get this no matter where in the world you are.

My recommendation here is a supplement called CrazyBulk d-bal. This will get you that super lean and muscular body when taken with a healthy diet and serious working out.



5. An awesome Jacket of course!

Last but not least..A Moncler Jacket of course! That’s what this page is all about! My passion for jackets seriously goes beyond this page.So check out my favorite Moncler Maya Genuine jacket below and for a cold winter in Toronto, this will definitely be the difference between being charming and confident or not..

Here’s a video of my favorite Moncler Maya Jacket! Check it out 🙂